What To Wear Under Your Cap and Gown

Comfort Is Key

It’s time for graduation! So it’s time to wear your cap and gown. You can’t JUST wear a cap and gown to graduation (please don’t even try this), what do you wear underneath?

For Your Top

Keep in mind the neck on your graduation gown is actually a little low. So the shirt you’re going to wear underneath is going to show. So, for men, you should wear a collared dress shirt. Adding a tie could be a nice touch, but you don’t have to.

For women, because of the lower neckline, a scoop-neck top with a modest cut or even a collared blouse is suitable. Or the much more popular attire – a dress. Not too short – you will probably take pictures with your gown open before and after the ceremony. 

For The Bottom

Men should wear either khaki or dark-colored slacks.

Women can wear dress pants or a skirt underneath their gown. Keep in mind, a full-length skirt might be heavy looking as your gown is pretty long. As stated above, dresses seem to be the most popular choice but modest rompers are also a suitable option.

Dress For The Weather

Unlike winter ceremonies, spring ceremonies often take place outdoors. So you should dress accordingly. Stick with a light fabric if it’s going to be hot out or a heavier  fabric if temps are low. 


In case of rain, where shoes that while dressy can also stand to be a little wet if it does rain. Rain boots are a no-no. Also be cautious if it has rained in the past couple days, you will want to ditch those stilettos. You don’t want to be the one to sink and fall into the ground at the ceremony. Go for a chunkier heel. 

For indoor ceremonies, both been and women should wear dressier shoes. Shoot for a medium-height heel instead of those high high-heels, your feet and ankles will thank you for it while you walk around your slick gymnasium floor and across the stage. 

Hairstyles and Accessories

Given the tight-fitting nature of the graduation cap, hairstyles are limited. It’s best you wear your hair down. Up-dos, such as a bun or twist are probably not going to work. 

For accessories, you should wear your class ring.  It signifies your time spent at your school. You should also limit your earrings and necklaces to simple and elegant options.
All in all, it’s your decision on what to wear. If you want to rock those fresh J’s or wear those stiletto heels, that is your call. We just wanted to give some advice when choosing your outfit. You can wear something that captures who you are as a person (as long as it is school appropriate). 
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