Why should you rebrand? Rebranding is important if you consolidate, do not have a cohesive branding effort, your brand is dated and needs a refresh, or maybe you just feel your brand no longer aligns with your current identity. Your brand is not just your logo, it is your identity. This is why we just don’t change your logo with a rebrand, we reshape your entire brand identity–from your logo, to your messaging, and more.

Whatever the situation, we can help. If you feel like specific elements of your brand could be more contemporary we work with you to update and refresh your look. If you feel like you need to rebrand to a completely different concept, we help you complete your vision and achieve your desired brand identity.

Our Process

We start with your mission, values, and vision for your rebrand. We analyze what you want to keep and discard with your current brand. We collaborate with you during the entire process. Once your new brand is complete, we give you strategies on how to implement cohesiveness with your logo, signage, social media, color schemes, and your facility.

What Comes With a Rebrand

Text Logo

This your text logo. It is the standard font for your institution we create for you.

Color Scheme

We create a pantone color scheme specifically for you including primary and accent colors.

Primary Logo

We customize a brand new primary logo for you to use.

Primary Logo Without Text

We also give you the primary logo without text so you can use it for various things.


We create custom wordmarks for you to use for your brand in a variation of colors, gradients, and shapes.

Secondary Logos

Next, we take out different aspects of the primary logo to create your secondary logos. This allows you to create different looks across your programs all while maintaining a cohesive brand look.

Tertiary Logos

We then create tertiary logos by taking more aspects from the primary logo to allow you to expand your brand even more.


Lastly, if you have a mascot, we can refresh your mascot and bring an updated contemporary look to it.

Logo Rebranding

We have worked with various schools to update their logo or completely redo their logo. Your logo plays a big part in your brand, so we want to make sure to get the perfect one for you.

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